Why it is important to build good industrial relations?

On March 8, 2010

Today most of the organizations are seeking for ways to put a mark in the industry they are engaging on. That is the process of searching competitive advantage. Most of the cases they only focus on core business activities like marketing, product inventions, newer technologies etc. But did they think even for a while that they can have a competitive advantage over their valuable people even without going for a big investment? Actually that is a one question that we can ask from many companies which are categorized as not successful.

Because I do believe human resource is the main resource and secret of any successful company.

Having good industrial relations is the most important thing to motivate people and retain them for long time. Most of the company’s management has fear about trade unions due to the past actions of trade unions in some companies. But good leadership can solve any matter with carefully looking at the actual reasons for dissatisfactions. Most important thing is fair treatment for employees and makes them feel like company is available to care and safe them at any time. If the company is treating employees in that way, no matter what hard time occurs the people will survive. That is the truth.

But why the organizations are very rarely concerning about those things?

It is another important question that should be considered. As I think it is because they are seeking quick ways to achieve success. For example assume that the company got a very big project which will make big profit for the company. Then management feels that they need to do it in a best way and also in a small time. If some task required to do in a best way and also within a small period of time that means that task required lot of human effort. So in that situation, company is not going to concern about their people, their health and safty, relationships or anything rather than hurry to make big money. Sometimes they may push the people and tend to get things done somehow which will increase the stress. So what will happen next? They may get things done as they want and also the big profit. But what will happen if they are going to have another same kind of project? Are those employees are willing to do that? Or else will they leave the company as soon as possible or take some actions? Ofcourse they are not willing to work like that and they may take some actions. So that is the result of the journey of making big money in a quick way. Therefore in each step of achieving goals, the organization has to make sure their people are highly considered and recognized every time and everywhere when it is needed.

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